he railway sector will accelerate the construction of modern logistics base car

Updated:2016-08-24 09:08:00【taobao集運】

Learned from the Ministry of Railways, the railway sector will accelerate the construction of modern logistics base car, but according to market demand to open a new line of trains and direct trains to increase capacity to support initiatives to better meet the high-volume, long-distance goods vehicle transport.

The railway sector will actively build a modern logistics base car, take the initiative to strengthen communication and coordination with businesses and other modes of transport, the railway line and actively spread to more cars Ro-Ro terminal and logistics center, so that rail transport becomes a large port and logistics center main distribution mode for the conduct of public iron and hot metal transport and lay a good foundation. At present, the Ministry of Railways has planned 21 major regional logistics centers, logistics centers and railway construction plan in Kunming, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan modern car logistics base, to provide other transportation, warehousing and logistics information services. Meanwhile, the railway freight station will be part of the transformation and dedicated lines, through improved handling, enhanced logistics and equipment and other facilities, the construction of specialized automotive logistics base.

In existing tank cars and special vehicles, based on the positive development of the railway sector better a number of technical and economic performance, closer to the market demand for goods vehicle transport special equipment. At present, capable of carrying 10 cars mini-vans 50 feet container is about to start production; could carry 13 cars have completed three special vehicles like car trial; for shipping heavy trucks, light trucks, big vans, construction machinery and special vehicles also developing them. With the new large-capacity equipment put into use, the railway transport prices, car types suitable advantage transportation and other aspects will become more apparent. In the prior 19 goods vehicle transport trains line basis, the railway sector to open new lines of trains and direct trains according to market demand, providing customers with convenient and efficient transport services.

It is reported that in the United States and Europe, is a major railway passenger transport logistics, usually accounts for 35-50% of the total market share of the European passenger transport distance greater than 500 kilometers of transport by rail almost completed. While China's railway passenger transport accounted for only 7% of the total market share.



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